About Pressure Lift Corporation

The Pressure Lift Corporation of Lewisville, Texas, began in the 1980s as a result of the many challenges in the liquid waste recovery and emergency response industry. Faced with the vertical lift limitations of vacuum pumps, moving viscous materials long distances, and overheating vacuum pumps, the Power Booster was born. After overcoming the challenge of vertical limitations, we have since improved research and development processes to make reliable and innovative power-boosting pumps.

The Power Booster Story

Setting our sights high, we first developed a prototype unit to pump liquid and sludge products vertically, without limitation, and in record time. Our efforts resulted in the first Power Boosters, which pumped 3,300 gallons of liquid, sand, and sludge from a recovery well that was more than 100 feet deep. These prototypes cleaned the test site in less than 30 minutes using only a straight vacuum truck and the Power Booster. Since then, the power-boosting pump continues to outperform any other product on the market today.

With a focus on improving the fluid transport of liquid and sludge, we are committed to improving and providing quality products to our customers worldwide. Due to its unique design and outstanding performance, Pressure Lift's Power Boosters have been used on thousands of job sites in more than 30 countries.

Industry-Proven Results

From a strategic standpoint, Pressure Lift Corporation has two key objectives: efficiency and productivity. We are committed to improving loading efficiency through innovation and technical advancement. Our unique, lightweight fluid conveyance design helps reduce costs and increase productivity. The Power Booster decreases pumping times using its constant flow process, increasing your efficiency. Unlike other, more cumbersome systems, the Power Booster is lightweight, compact, and easy to use, letting our clients focus on increasing profits.

Global Recognition

Global RecognitionPressure Lift Power Boosters have gained a wide acceptance throughout many industries, including the oil recovery, emergency response, industrial, and maritime industries. With products sold throughout North America, South America, the United Kingdom, and Europe, the Power Booster Fluid Conveyance Nozzles continue to provide the most productive and efficient method of pumping today with the capacity to deliver into and across a broad range of industries and markets.

With the global presence of our products in locations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Europe, South America, and the South Pacific, we continue to be the premier manufacturer of quality liquid waste management conveyance products.

Continuous Development

Working with our customers, the company continues to research and develop a wide range of innovative products and applications to supply an increasingly diverse group of industries including, agriculture, construction, environmental, mining, municipal waste, onshore and offshore drilling, and numerous marine and industrial applications. The range of applications, difficult conditions, and industries confirms Pressure Lift's capacity to deliver proven liquid and sludge management solutions globally.

Contact us to learn about our company and how the Power Booster has revolutionized fluid conveyance technology. We proudly serve customers around the world.