I read the web site testimonials and I did not really believe it. I spoke to the inventor of the product, he impressed me but I still had my doubts. I had numerous conversations with the Vice President of the company. She just told me to trust her that it does what it says.

Let me tell you something, JUST BUY THE POWER BOOSTER. I have been planning this project for two years with an environmental consultant in Rhode Island. The engineer told me that he has a client that has hired two companies to clean out an oil water separator that is in downtown Providence, RI. Both companies failed miserably and the client has a very bad taste in his mouth. This separator is three floors down and it is right on the Providence River.

I informed the client that my company will do this project for free if it does not work.

We did the job. I planned a 10 hour day with a team of four OSHA trained technicians to enter the vessels under confined entry space permits. We brought our new vacuum truck and placed it 80 feet from the staircase. We ran four 33 foot hoses lengths down the stairs and then three more to the middle of the garage. In total the hose run was 300 feet from the vacuum truck to the pit.

We started up the compressor and hooked up the power booster to the 3 inch hose. My field tech lowered the hose into the pit. My life slowed down at that moment. Then… I could see the side wall of the tank and where it was dry and NOW where it is wet. Then I noticed that the submerged rung on the ladder in the pit was becoming visible. I could not believe what I was seeing. IT WORKS!

We started at 8:00A.M. We were done and cleaned up at 11:59 A.M. If you are looking at purchasing a power booster, JUST DO IT. I am telling you this is a marvelous product that does what it says it can do.


P.S. I paid full price for my power booster, this is not me just speaking nice because I got a deal.
I do not write testimonials like this very often. I am not impressed like this on a regular basis.

This device does everything they say it will! I had a residential septic tank to pump, with a long, steep, 275 ft pull. The vertical lift was approximately 50 ft. With a 3 inch hose, I pumped it out in 25 minutes. Without the POWER BOOSTER, this pumping would have taken several hours or been impossible to accomplish. The job was in August with 90+ degree heat, and the pump did not even get hot because the air from the POWER BOOSTER kept the pump cool.

On another job, I had three 35 ft hoses, of which about 20 ft was on level ground. The rest was up a steep driveway by a lake. This time it took 20 minutes to pump 1000 gallons. It took me longer to get out the hoses and put them back, than it did to do the job with the POWER BOOSTER.
Thanks Pressure Lift!!

We already owned a 3 inch Pressure Lift Power Booster that we purchased for a job pumping heavy solids out of a holding tank at the local university. Because of the success we had with the 3 inch unit, we decided to purchase the 4 inch Power Booster for a large commercial job we were doing at a food production plant. With the Booster, we pumped almost 30,000 gallons in near record time. Needless to say, we are more than pleased with our new toy.


The Power Booster is working great. There are quite a few contours in our topography in the Philadelphia area. It works great pumping those septic tanks 200ft down hill! We even cleaned a digester at a sewage treatment plant using the Power Booster.


We pump municipal lift stations and commercial/industrial septic tanks. Lots of times we have a 300 foot hose run. The Power Booster has decreased our pumping time and made it so we can pump deep tanks we couldn't before.

One job I had was a wastewater treatment plant. I could only fill my tank half full so I had to make two trips to unload. With the Power Booster, we were able to make it in one trip.

This unit has really worked for us, not to mention saving my back

Thank you,

We were hired to pump a 5000 gallon underground tank that was 30 foot down from the surface. We used our pumper to pull the liquid out and after 3 hours, we may have pulled 1000 gallons. We tried hiring a super sucker and when we couldn't find one, we decided to purchase a Power Booster.

What a difference.

Not only were we able to pull about 3000 gallons in about 20 minutes we were able to save the hundreds of dollars it would have cost us had we hired one. I can tell you that we have no need for a super sucker now. We have used the Power Booster to pull salt, mud, grease and food waste with minimal effort to our pumper and personnel. I truly believe this small investment has allowed us to remain profitable on our bid proposals thereby allowing us to pass on the savings to our customers. Every time we use it, the investment pays for itself.

I highly recommend and endorse this product.

Michael La Plant,
Special Projects Manager

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that you have a great product on your hands with the Power Booster. We were on a job site in an office building attempting to pump water, sand and gravel through approx. 250 ft of EPDM hose. The hose run was not your typical straight horizontal run either. It was approx. 150 ft horizontal then down approx. 20 ft of stairs. Then 15ft horizontal, and then 65 ft vertical straight down. We had attempted the job without the Power Booster and failed. I did some research on the Power Booster. I ended up ordering a unit. Our guys took it out and used it on this job site and it worked perfectly off the truck brakes on our truck. Since then we have use the Power Booster on a number of difficult jobs with amazing results. We have even received calls from companies asking us to come and do work for them where others have tried and failed.

Terry George
Sales Manager

My company had a job at Pepperidge Farms, where we had a difficult time pumping a very heavy sludge from a 20' deep waste tank. With the power booster, we were able to lift it out with ease.


Darin Coats - Owner
Coats Rooter Service

Hey Debi, we received the booster and used it as soon as we got it on Friday. Let me tell you it works great, we used it to pump a lift station in which it almost paid for itself the same day. Thursday it took us over two hours twenty minutes to pump 1500 gallons out of a lift station without the booster, then on Friday we pumped 4000 gallons in under an hour with it. Not only did it take a fraction of the time to pump almost 4 x the gallons it worked that well at only 40 psi, I can't imagine how well it will work at full pressure. My employees and I are truly impressed with the booster, so much so my top guy says it's his favorite new toy and refuses to give it up. Feel free to use me as a reference to anybody inquiring about the booster, if you want I'll even give you my personal cell number. Thanks for checking up on us and talk to you soon.

Warm regards,
Wayne Denny

Our first time to use the Pressure Lift Power Booster was in a waste water plant. The vault that we used it in was 35 ft deep and packed full of sludge. We had to string 100 ft of hose to get to the vault. The vacuum truck itself has twin pumps and would only pull 20 ft deep on a 3 ft hose. When air was applied to the power booster we were able to pull 35 ft deep 100 ft away from the truck and were able to pump 8000 gallons in 30 minutes. Since, we have ordered another Pressure Lift Power Booster for another truck. We were very impressed with the power this product adds to a vacuum truck!!

Thank You Very Much,
Ray & Stephanie
Dumas Pumping Service