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Dennis says:

I am currently using the 3″ booster to assist in pumping septic tanks. I have noticed that the truck will only keep the air pressure between 60 and 70 psi, that is idled between 1000-1200rpms. What sort of CFM’s are needed for this unit to keep around 90psi going through the booster? I am looking at adding a portable compressor instead of using the trucks air. I don’t feel that a trucks compressor is capable of keeping up with the booster for an extended amount of time.

Debi says:

Dennis, That is an excellent question. It sounds as though you are connected to the correct tank and proper side of the system. However, in order to maintain air pressure using truck supplied air it is best to operate the engine rpm between 1150 and 1500, provided this does not over-speed your vacuum pump. The greater the rpm the greater the performance of the trucks air compressor. Most truck air systems are designed to operate optimally at a cruising rpm, not at idle. We are sending you an Air System Test and Setup sheet to test each tank. We will contact you to make sure all is working correctly for you. Thank you for your question.

Chris gomez says:

Hello, just wanted to know if water pressure could be used instead of air. We have a vector combo truck with 350 gal of water. How much water would it consume?
Thank you

Debi says:

Yes, water can be used. The maximum amount of water you would expect to use is ~ 50 gallons in a 15 minute period depending on the flow rate and psi ratings of your system.

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